Confidence is the best accessory any woman can wear.

It’s what makes people feel attracted to you, want to be around you. When you exude confidence you truly discover just how freeing it can be because if you don’t even see how great you really are then how are strangers meant too?!

So what is confidence and how do we all get more of it?

Confidence is how we FEEL about our ability to accomplish something, otherwise known as self-efficacy.

The general belief we have in ourselves is paramount. Knowing and feeling that we are capable and effective not just in general but at specific tasks is what truly defines our confidence level.

Completing new projects, scoring the winning goal, nailing an interview, getting a genuine compliment all feel great and totally help us build a shield of confidence.

That shield is what helps you feel not only protected but totally badass. It’s about the energy you exude so much so that other people want to be on your frequency.

Follow these five steps to help you create your own Confidence Shield!

  1. Be YOU- This is paramount, it’s what makes you stand out and be memorable. What makes you unique, what can you offer and how is your perspective different? Ask your bestie, your hubs, your kids, dig deep and embrace whatever it is, allow it to fuel your fire.
  2. Play up your assets- All of us have at least one physical feature we love about ourselves. Whether it be your hair, your legs, great taste in jewelry, even your shoulders, accent it and make it your focal point. Wear cold shoulder tops with sparkle, wear your hair different every time people see you, wear bold nail strips, and so on. Do NOT allow feeling yucky, bloated, or tired squash your goals- you got this and you are so worth it!
  3. True beauty lies within- what’s your best inner quality? Often our best qualities are not only our strengths but our weaknesses too. Allow your inner passions and urges to guide you just not over take you. Let others see what you’re all about and what you stand for through your words and your actions knowing that who you are right now is truly enough, in fact you are already a badass!!
  4. Practice makes progress- Be prepared, do your homework and build your repertoire of specialties and knowledge. Being experienced, resourceful and a go getter are qualities that will always convey professional confidence. Now, you can’t possibly know everything so it does help to #beconnected and sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it!!
  5. Repeat your mantra 10-1,000 times a day! Decide what short and sweet sentence you can say over and over to yourself to help guide your mindset to one of abundance. Something like, “Everything always works out for me” has always been one of my favorites.

Next time you’re about to call a new client, attend a networking event or even ask for a raise, arm yourself with your confidence shield and know that you are worth it. You got this girl!!