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Be Open, Be Willing, Be Present, Be Profitable

We value family first, kindness, humility, courage, honesty, and sass!

Moms Of Business is a community that uplifts, educates and empowers one another online and in person. We are a dynamic family of Mom entrepreneurs and business owners across the nation ranging in ages from 25-60 all with either children or step-children.


Our bond over finding “balance” and our drive for creating a life of abundance is what makes our family so unique and welcoming.  Our ability to foster and promote mindfulness & accountability through embracing authentic interactions truly sets us apart from the rest.


Not only do we strive to educate and empower one another through our Facebook groups and resourceful website, but we encourage all of our "MOBsters" to be active, open, willing and authentic when connecting and collaborating.


Our community is all about respect, integrity, and humility.  We are proud to #beconnected and hope you'll join us on our journey to greatness.


About The Founder:

Moms Of Business was founded in August of 2018 by mom entrepreneur, Sarah Williams.  After getting married and having her two children, Sarah found herself wanting more...more for herself, more for her kids, & more for her marriage .


During the late nights of breastfeeding, she decided it was time to create some change in her life, time to take action!  With her background in psychology and luxury sales, she knew she could apply her savvy to something she could call her own but just needed help in bringing it all together!


Simply by asking for help in a local Facebook group, it was clear that she was not alone.  It was the wanting for a sense of community that made you feel accepted, empowered and inspired that we were all searching for!!


The idea of combining and harnessing the various expertise all of us moms could share was astoundingly exciting for her...Sarah knew she was ready to jump and start her own group, on terms that she knew would allow others to shine.  The ability to embrace and empower others is a special gift that Sarah has mastered and it is now an integral part of the culture in the MOB community.


Sarah currently lives in Hazlet, NJ with her husband and two children, Gwendolyn is 5 and Bradley is now 3.  Besides running the MOB Network, she is also the founder/owner of Sarah’s Strategies, a specialty coaching business focusing on Facebook success, MLM team building as well as confidence & sales workshops.


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