Facebook Changes Continue

A couple of years ago, Facebook went through some major changes when there were major privacy and hacking issues arising. They wanted to begin focusing on groups and bringing back a sense of community. Actually increasing friend requests and building relationships, once again! Those changes help, but once again there have been some major changes over the last few months.

The algorithms have changed and in order to attract engagements, you should be aware of these major factors…

🖤Encouraging Debates: Demonstrate your opinion and don’t delete negative comments. It is a bit troll-like, but it can help increase your engagements.
❤️Be Authentic: Be honest with your back story and be sure to show emotions. Also, explain your TOM, which stands for title, offer, and mission.
🖤Meaningful Engagement: Have quality comments when replying and not just emojis (👌😉🤚) or a quick thank you, when responding directly to your audience.
❤️Polarization: Being really positive 👍 or really negative 👎 about a particular subject matter. Think about politics, sports, etc.

Then, the other change occurred in the appearance of Facebook’s desktop version.  Basically, it appears more like an app, so it’s either a love or hate relationship you develop. It reminds me of when Meetup completely changed their layout. There are pros and cons to it.

In addition, they offer a color change option from white to black. It appears that you can switch colors as you desire, so it’s not a permanent decision. Now, this entire thing does seem a bit odd because originally FB was only intended to be used on the computer and not a mobile device.

However, for the time being, you can still use the old version before that we’re all familiar with. The reason for this could be because they are still fixing a few bugs and kinks.

So, which version would you prefer to use?

By Sarah Curcio: www.sarahsocialstrategy.com