How to take an awesome selfie!

We all take countless selfies on our phones so these few tips are going to be a game changer in making sure you look your best next time you click, click, click!

Here are my top three suggestions…

  1. Just like any good photo, the secret is always in the lighting.  I always stand in front of a window or my front door when I’m at home. Avoid harsh lighting and using your flash.  Seek out bright, natural light and embrace it!  
  2. Hold the phone slightly above your forehead and angle the phone down a little. Especially as we get older, angles mean everything so make sure you’re avoiding any double chin looks.  This sounds so simple… cause it is but it’s also paramount to ensure you look your best!
  3. Switch your phone into portrait mode AND adjust the lighting— I prefer studio or contour mode (see my example below). It instantly changes the exposure and settings AND gives your photo an instant boost in lighting and effects which basically means it makes you look better!

Especially when someone else is taking a selfie with you and you have no control over their editing, make sure you follow these 3 steps and share your tips with your friend. 

This is the easy formula to bring you confidence in knowing you slayed that selfie! 

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Have fun and remember, be your best selfie,

Sarah Williams 

Adjust to these settings when in portrait mode.