Social media is beyond essential, especially right now.

Virtual is our new norm and we can ABSOLUTELY make it work for us.

Actually, it is IMPERATIVE that we do.

We simply have to stop and think… What is the right social media platform for me as an entrepreneur? There are so many to choose from, so we must do this very strategically. Each one has its unique benefits that can be used to your advantage.

First, identify your target audience and define your goals per quarter. So, think about the following questions to accomplish this…

What is your niche?
What is your mission?
What are your values and commitments?
Who are you trying to help? Who is your ideal client avatar (ICA)?
What problem(s) do they have?
How are you going to solve it for them?

Taking the time to ponder these particular questions will help you to determine, which platform is the best for you. Let’s take a look at the following three social media networks and the features they have to offer…

Facebook is great if you’re looking for free lead generation and running ADs. There are so many different groups to join. You simply have to search the correct keywords for your business, and you‘ll find them or you can even create one. You can create a vibe all your own! Your posts have to be about quality rather than quantity. Then, advertising can be for more engagements or conversions. You can tailor your audience by gender, age, lookalike audiences, and much more.

Instagram is known more for having a global demographic. IG is particularly beneficial if your target audience is the younger generations. It’s an excellent platform for visual brands like art, food, retail, and beauty. Think of your bio as a business card.

LinkedIn is a more professional platform and has a distinction of being utilized for older audiences. The users’ ages range from approximately thirty to fifty. It is very unique because it has a narrow focus. It is great for networking and lead generation.

As you can see, there are many pros to these three networks. Now that you have more valuable information, share which one is for you. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or something else entirely like Pinterest or Twitter?