Instagram Reel Tips 101

Here are some of my best tips for sharing reels on IG!

  • Follow the people who are slaying it in your industry and social strategists that give you ideas for reels that are easy and trending 
  • Post in the afternoon or evening, IG is not a morning crowd from my experience. 
  • Audio is crucial, it can make or break you sometimes! 
  • Use text on the cover shot that creates curiosity.  POV videos and BTS videos always do well!  Try to be brand consistent here and create a theme or always the same font, etc. 
  • Use hashtags always and make sure to use high & low density ones.
  • Take small videos all day or leave your pics on “live” and let IG batch them together.  Just makes everything easier when it comes to making cool reels. 

Reels can be basic yet still engaging and popular, don’t over think it. 

Have fun with it and post consistently, set an alarm to go off each day.  I have mine set for 8:30pm… I make drafts and keep them ready to go for when the alarm goes off. 

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Enjoy the reel life!!

-Sarah Williams

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