Moms of Business

The MOB Network, founded by Sarah in 2018, is a community of moms & step-moms who own their own businesses.  We connect and collaborate through our online group as well as local events.  Join today and get 1 month free!

Sarah's strategies

I love to have fun, help others and make money!  I am here to help entrepreneurs be savvy in today's marketplace. My expertise is in personal branding and sales strategies. Let me help you!!

NJ Real Estate agent

Through her expertise & genuine enthusiasm for life, Sarah is ready to guide her clients in making their real estate dreams a reality in both commerical & residential realty.

Empowered Women, Empower Women...

We all have our own path to success but having someone support you with expertise every step of the way can be a game changer.  So, let's brainstorm together and start paving your path to profit today!

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"You emulate dedication & passion for what is important to you.  You are so GENUINE and always willing to help others." -Marcie B.

"You are one of the most ambitious people I know and you ignite that in everyone around you. You emulate a pure, positive power of ambition that is really rare these days." -Michelle P.

"You show how to really know the 'your networth is via your network'.  You inspire all to get out and be your best self and meet other women who can assist you in your journey because you can't do it alone."  -Sandra S.

"I love that what you set you're mind to, you get it and you do it.  With no fear, you tackle the obstacles and keep going until you reach your goals!"  - Amanda B.

Community Involvement

Sarah is a WEforum Wellness Ambassador as well as on their Business Development Council.  Their mission is to strengthen the health & wellness of communities by targeting individuals through educational programs and services.

Sarah is proud to be a founding member of the Women's Initiative Team here in Monmouth County.  As the head of Business Development, she is able to help local business owners connect, collaborate & thrive.  Join their free Facebook group today!

As usoa mrs. nj 2021 and the usoa's mrs. congeniality, sarah maintains her love of service & the garden state through volunteering as a production manager and support system for the current competing queens. Applications are open to compete!

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