Slay Your Follow Up Skills

My top 3 steps in slaying your follow up!

  1. Become social media friends or exchange numbers when you meet.  I always say some thing like… “I would love to be friends OR Let’s be friends. Are you a Facebooker or an Instagrammer?” Literally. Works. Everytime.
  2. Schedule/Declare the follow up!  “ I am so glad we met. Are you OK with my following up with you tomorrow morning?” Saying these few words is laying the respectful groundwork for you to have a more successful follow up convo!  
  3. Actually do it— I’m all about the phone call. You are your best asset and trying to convey yourself properly thru text or email just isn’t the same thing. People thrive off energy so show yourself off. 

If you don’t close them on that first call, again, declare the follow up.  Leverage your time and maintain your posture! 

And remember: you need to make time for your new friends, old friends and casual acquaintances.  I like to make Friday’s a follow up day for anyone who might have slipped through the cracks— it happens so just plan for it.  

Pro tip: Using keywords in certain parts of your sales funnel follow up can make it easier to “search” words and find people/chats you might have forgotten about! 

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Keep slaying it,