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MOMARAMA 2024 Sponsor Packet (2)
MOMARAMA 2024 Sponsor Packet (3)


FRIDAY MAY 3, 2024



PLEASE NOTE: you will be sent an invoice and your payment will act as confirmation.






The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza Vendor & Sponsor Agreement 


The following are the terms of the agreement to those renting Exhibitor space for The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza on Friday, 5/3/24 from 5-9:30pm at the Shoretown Stadium in Lakewood, NJ.


  1. AGREEMENT: This agreement is official by the Exhibitor (MOB vendor) & Moms of Business,LLC (MOB). Applicants will adhere to all standards and details listed below in order to be accepted as a MOB Vendor.


  1. EXHIBIT HOURS: All exhibitors may ARRIVE NO EARLIER THAN 3:00pm and NO LATER THAN 4:25pm & MUST BE SET UP and READY TO GO BY 4:45pm on Friday, May 3, 2024. The Vendor Entrance will CLOSE at 4:30PM, NO exceptions will be made so please plan accordingly. You will know in advance what zone you are in and be emailed maps and directions to make it easy for you. Each zone will have a MOB volunteer to help everyone find their spot and set up.  Breakdown starts at 9:45pm and in order to leave, all table displays & materials are to be emptied and removed including trash or additional costs will be incurred at the expense of the exhibitor. Each exhibitor is required to keep one (1) staff member in your booth during ALL Event hours. ABSOLUTELY NO MOVING OUT ALLOWED PRIOR TO THE OFFICIAL END OF THE EVENT UNLESS DIRECTED BY MOB OR BLUECLAWS STAFF. ANY VIOLATION OF THE EXHIBIT HOURS WILL FORFEIT YOUR FUTURE PARTICIPATION IN OUR EVENTS AND THE MOB VENDOR WILL BE FINED $250.  

  2. REFUND POLICY: All exhibitor payments are NONREFUNDABLE. There are no refunds for Event costs if you cancel in advance or on the day of the event.  

  3. SAMPLES, SWAG & LITERATURE: Distribution of samples and promotional literature is strictly limited to the confines of the exhibitor table(s). No outside displays or literature from companies NOT IN ATTENDANCE OR IN CONTRACT WITH THE EVENT IS ALLOWED. No burning candles, incense, or diffusing of aromatherapy products is allowed without expressed written permission.  Swag can be handed out at your tables at your discretion.  FOOD SAMPLES OF ANY KIND ARE PROHIBITED. 

  4. WHAT IS PROVIDED: Due to limited space requirements, most vendor spots are limited to a 8x4 FOOT AREA (others are specified). You are to bring anything you might need including but not limited to a table, chairs, table cloth, products, giveaways, brochures, samples, etc.  PLEASE NOTE:  A TABLE WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR YOU.  You can make your space your own!  Tents are only allowed in certain vendor spots and must be pre-approved by MOB. ***If you require additional space for your own table, equipment, power etc. please inform the MOB immediately.  

6.  VENDOR REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of 1 staff member is allowed per table and each MOB Vendor will get 2 admission tickets ($15 value each and more may be purchased) and a representative must be present at the vendor booth AT ALL TIMES.  Also remember, the event goes into the evening so bring little battery powered lights or event fairy lights to help your space pop.  (The entire ballpark will be well lit for the duration of the event)

  1. MARKETING: Although The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza will not guarantee a definite number of attendees, the stadium does usually draw a crowd of 5000+ so we hope to make it even bigger!  Attendees will be required to purchase game day tickets at a discounted rate of only $15 (Each vendor gets 2 tickets).  Use the MOM-A-RAMA.COM link when sharing and inviting people to attend – Thank You!  


  1. EXCLUSIVITY: NO EXHIBITOR IS GUARANTEED EXCLUSIVITY for their products or services. If you are a multi-level marketing company distributor; a maximum of one (1) agreement per product line/company is allowed but similar brands are allowed (ex, Shaklee and Modere are both wellness but only one from each brand could be represented).

  2. CONDUCT:  The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza staff and exhibitors agree to conduct themselves in a professional, peaceful, cooperative, and harmonious manner as is appropriate to the integrity of attendees, fellow exhibitors and the Blueclaws staff.  Unsatisfactory conduct or inappropriate language will be cause for immediate dismissal from the event without any monetary refund.

  3. ELIGIBILITY: The event reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any product, company, and/or service in the booth area. Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from having or selling on-site any substance or product considered to be illegal as well as any food of any kind including but not limited to smoothies, protein bars, chocolate, cupcakes, butter, jams, honey, etc.  Only exceptions are pre-packaged candy because it’s Halfway to Halloween night. 

  4. AISLES & EXITS: All aisles and exits, as designated on approved floor plans, shall be kept clean and free of obstacles.

  5. LOSS OR DAMAGES: The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza and Jersey Shore Blueclaws assume no liability for theft, damages, or loss of any kind. Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor; Exhibitors will indemnify The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza and Jersey Shore BlueClaws from all claims/suits arising between Exhibitors and attendees, staff, etc.

  6. DAMAGE TO SHORETOWN STADIUM PROPERTY: Exhibitors are financially responsible for any damage caused to tables, decorations, or to any stadium property. Do not nail, screw, staple, pin, tack, tape, etc., any material directly to any property.  Any type of glass items or products are prohibited. Any and all messes/spills must be cleaned & reported immediately to MOB or stadium staff.

  7. RAINDATE IS SUNDAY 5/5/24.  First pitch is at 1pm so Vendor Set up would begin at 9:00am if we have to use the raindate.  Please reserve both 5/3 and 5/5 on your calendar to be safe.  In the event of any outside causes that prevent The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza from taking place or forces the event to chang location or dates the management reserves the right to retain exhibitor payments for expense compensation.

  8. NO SUBLET OR TABLE SHARING: Absolutely no sublet or sharing of table space shall be permitted without expressed permission from MOB.

  9. All federal, state, and city regulations pertaining to fire and safety must be adhered to. Any exhibit employing flammable liquid, compressed combustible gas or highly combustible or explosive material is prohibited. Open flames of any kind (including small candles), are prohibited. Smoking in the stadium is strictly forbidden.


  1. The MOM-A-RAMA Extravaganza reserves the right to reject, eject, or prohibit an Exhibitor and representative thereof for violation of these rules without any monetary refund.


  1. GIVEAWAY PRIZES are yours to manage, please notify and call your winner at the end of the event.  Display them proudly at your booth to encourage more participation.  MOB will give away a Luxury Suite for a future game for 20 people valued at $600 as an incentive to attendees to shop. Each purchase gets them one entry. Entries must be given to MOB staff by 9pm for the drawing. MOB Vendors will be given pink tickets to hand out with each purchase.


  1. PARKING- Please safely park near the vendor entrance, we will have signs to look out for.  All parking is free for vendors but not for attendees.  Enter at the RWJBarnabas Health 3rd Base Gate, to the left of the flag poles.


  1. Please follow and like Moms of Business on Instagram and Facebook to help promote the event!  Invite your friends and family to enjoy the night and support us fellow small business owners, plus it’s Halfway to Halloween Night so it will be extra fun!!


MOMARAMA 2024 Sponsor Packet
MOMARAMA 2024 Sponsor Packet (5)

  • * please note Platinum MOBsters get first dibs at vendor events. You can easily upgrade on our membership page now to give yourself the premier access!
  • Please provide the link you would like people to access to purchase. Please use the copy & paste function so it includes the HTTP, etc.
  • You are responsible for complying with all of these terms & conditions.
  • Set up begins at 3:00pm.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Platinum Members get first dibs. MOB VIP Members get $50 off any package. ZONES THAT ARE NOT SHOWN ARE SOLD OUT.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Platinum Members get first dibs. MOB VIP Members get $50 off any package
    Zone 3 power access vendor spots are now filled. please email me with concerns.
  • Be specific about what you are offering so I can diversify the vendor selection. Please include exactly what you'll be selling and promoting.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 10 MB.
    Upload jpg or png only. If you can not upload your logo here, please email me asap with it at