Have you heard of it? Have you seen it? It’s IGTV, Instagram’s brand new long-form video app.

IGTV made it’s debut at the end of June 2018 and I hopped right on and made a “channel”.
I have been working to incorporate more video into my business. It has been a huge boost to my social media activity, my social presence, and has landed me clients simply by being out there more. So when IGTV released I was on it the first week.

IGTV is long-form video (up to 10 minutes right now) much longer than stories. The format is vertical which works more with how you hold your phone naturally and its uploaded video, rather than live. IGTV has a standalone app (see the little TV app in the photo above) and can also be accessed right from the Instagram app.

Super easy to use, you literally open the app and videos start playing. Videos are curated in tabs – For You (what the IG algorithm thinks you’ll like), Following (IGTV of accounts you follow), Popular (viral video, celebs, and nail art…), and Continue Watching (videos you started and may not have finished) This is Gold! How many times have you watched and never come back because that video is lost to the ether??? There is also a search bar to find your hearts desire of puppies, your favorite biz celeb, or more nail art (that stuff is mesmerizing!).

You can do so much cool stuff with IGTV!!! For one you can heart & comment right on videos – boom so much better than stories imho. And since you are uploading video you can edit it, add text, do CTA’s, and just generally make your shit cool. One Saturday night I did a quick music video. I would have made it longer, but you know, music licensing, but the point is I added cool graphics and music to my video.

So how do you get it? Just download the IGTV app, open it up and connect your account. Done.
When you do this you will also get a little TV link on your Instagram account right below your bio. Clicking that link leads right to your channel.

So next time you are Instagram look to the top right corner, click on the TV icon, and check out some videos. If you want to see how I’m using it, I’m over @sandrascai. Leave me a comment that you are a MOBster and I’ll check you out too!

Have questions? Pop them in the Facebook group and I’ll be happy to answer.
There is so much more to share, that I know I’ll be writing a follow up IGTV post soon.

xo, Sandra Scaiano