Books I love.  I have always loved reading and have always prioritized it.  Since I retired from the fashion industry and tried to find the perfect chapter 2 for myself I have been veraciously reading business books.  Also, I have been reading inspirational/self-help books to get it right. I have found in retirement and rebirth I am so emotionally up and down.  One minute I as so confident and psyched and the next minute I am panicked I am never going to be a successful, money earning machine again. Oh, and really happy and having fun at all times ?

Every book says that successful leaders keep learning and they do this by reading consistently.  I figure that if I can take at least one thing from every book I read I am building my knowledge and myself.  If I take more, that is a great book.

I also love sharing books and talking about them with friends and colleges.

I like to read when I am feeling down…there are so many books out there the remind you that you are awesome and not alone.  Everyone feels like a freak; some people are just better at shaking it off.

Sometimes you find the same message/theory in more that one book.  That always make me think that that idea must be great, proven. Aka pay attention, work that thought, use it ingest it…..  Books help me grow.

If you find a great business book read it several times, highlight the good parts, reread it periodically.  When I am really loving a book, I highlight what resonates with me I make notes in the margins I make it mine and it makes it easy to go back to find whatever inspiration I may need.  Here are a few of my favs…


The Pumpkin Plan  Mike Michalowicz

Great read for entrepreneurs it outlines what you need to do to bullet proof yourself.  Mike talks straight and throws in lots of humor and relatable stories. Have your business work for you, not you work for the business.  Read this book it tells you how!


The One Thing  Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Life changing not just a business book but a big inspirational book.  You can make your life a lot better by reading this book. The ultimate question…… “What’s the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it anything else will be easier or unnecessary?”  WOW say that 10 times think about it. Pages 106-109 break it down.


You are a BADASS  Jen Sincero

I love cursing and if you do you will like this book.  This book lets you know how awesome you are. never doubt it.  Jen wants you to take risks, find your superpower and to most importantly love yourself! Xo

Filled with awesome quotes, stories and killer advice enough to read at least 10 times.  i.e. “There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train of fuck-yeah.” A quote loved by all….


Developing the Leader within You 2.0  John Maxwell

This book, written so well in 1973, that it was update for 2018 and um, IT IS GREAT!!!   This gem is not just for the “leader of a fortune 500 company” it is awesome for all entrepreneurs/humans  who want to be the absolute best they can be. John Maxwell has a way of writing and speaking that is so relatable that he makes you want to be the best human “leader” of your life ever.  He shares so many aha moments through his life experiences, interviews with real leaders from lots of different professions and backgrounds. This book helped me think bigger and more for my life and career.  Read it and let’s discuss……


Fanatical Prospecting  Jeb Blount

Ok so I am in sales and really isn’t everyone?  Even doctors need to sell their services, expertise and selves to keep patients coming through the door.  So, this book was HIGHLY recommended to me by an elite coach in the Real Estate industry. It is an easy ready and meant for anyone who needs to sell stuff.  Let’s define Fanatical -motivated or characterized by an extreme, uncritical enthusiasm or zeal.  I want to be a fanatical sales person and if you want to, as well you need to read this book.  It outlines what you need to do to keep your business on track, what you do today will set you up for the next 3 months.  This means that if you do the work today you will always be selling, earning, living. I want to be fanatical in a good way, not a crazy way! Really!!!


So those are my recommendations, I am always reading so I will update every once in a while.  And of course, from one reader to another please hit me with some of your favorites too!!

by Gretchen Lolis
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