Woman vendor and customer

Whether you’re working a huge vendor fair or an intimate in-home party, these simple steps will help guide you into creating long term, profitable relationships with your clients.  They deserve your best you!

1. Prepare – Do your homework, know your product and your audience.  Be Confident & Be your brand- wearing/representing your brand- EVERYWHERE AND EVERYDAY.  Also feel/look great, sexy panties on always helps, never hungry or have to pee (that’s the worst) Feel confident- think about your reason why you started this business and get on your freight train of f*ck yeahs!  Most importantly have some real goals in place, short and long term! Break them down into smaller achievable chunks and maintain your focus.

2. Greeting – Wave, be approachable & welcoming, hand-shake should be firm with eye contact, genuine compliment- avoid the weather, make it more personal, find something in common and go there!

3. Establish a rapport – ask lots of open ended questions! 80/20 rule is everything here, basically the golden rule of all sales: engage, listen then ask, determine wants/ needs, know their story and what their motivations are, what is their reason “why” (either for purchase or for joining your team).  If you don’t know 8 things about them, keep asking questions till you do…this is essential in helping you close & expand the sale.

4. Show products- feature and benefits- relate it every time back to their reason “why”, put it on them, personal testimony, be the authority on whatever your product is and allow your client to really FEEL your product physically and by giving specifically detailed descriptions— use lots of adjectives and adverbs.  Role play with your kids even just to practice, being able to speak fluidly while demonstrating a product can really show off how much of a pro you really are!

5. Closing the sale – assume the close, do it confidently then STOP TALKING.  Then ask for more: expand the sale. “this was a great choice, now let’s take a look at these for your upcoming anniversary.” This is always a tell, never an ask and usually always works if you’ve properly taken the time to listen!  ***Words and phrases to avoid- no problem (use certainly, absolutely), honestly (gives a negative connotation), any terms of endearment (hon, babe, etc)

6. Overcoming objections/ negotiating – say the least amount necessary, this can be one the hardest parts! Remember YOU are the authority, you’re superbly talented, and you have shown your incredible value so state your price then STOP talking!! I’m not an advocate of discounting yourself or your products ever.  Respond to any objection with a question, feel/felt/found, or a look of complete shock is also acceptable with a super low ball offer. Some people need to know they are way off (but you’ll need to know your audience for sure)

7. Follow up – capturing every piece of information you can from your new and existing clients is PARAMOUNT for your long term success! It’s all about emails, birthdays, kids birthdays, anniversaries, etc. send notes or call within 3 days, one month, 6 months, a year! Phone call is ideal especially if you haven’t closed the sale yet then an email or a text are second best.

What if you don’t close the sale in the moment!!?

  • Still capture all of their information and schedule your follow up to contact them on “Tuesday at 2pm via phone” (say a specific day and even a time). Calling someone is 100% better then text or email as far as closing the sale.  It’s always classy to ask for permission and people will find it refreshing & respectful. Always book it within 48 hours- it needs to stay fresh, exciting and a sense of urgency to really engage them!
  • Checking In/ Touching base needs to follow with a “because”- a real reason! Get to the point and be authoritative. Don’t waste anyone’s time while also being courteous. Be excited and know that you’re on your freight train no matter what!!


So let’s recap and remember these key takeaways!!

  1. Be yourself, be the ice breaker, & be the authority of your brand.
  2. Remember the 80/20 rule in everything you do.
  3. Focus on building real, long lasting relationships with your clients.
  4. Have fun, help people, make money.





Owner of Sarah’s Strategies & MOB Founder