“In Network Marketing, the person who attends the most events wins.”
– Eric Worre, Network Marketing Pro


I couldn’t agree more….


I myself have experienced the “magic” of events – big, small, local, and destination.  The truth is they are all equally important and valuable in their own way. That being said, there is nothing more powerful than the energy of a corporate LIVE event where you are immersed in the electrifying culture, surrounded by thousands of like-minded individuals, and in the presence of true greatness amongst your own company’s associates and corporate team as well those real deal keynote speakers that ALWAYS deliver.  Let me start there…


Just this past August at my company’s Celebration I got to hear Brendon Burchard speak (who by the way is amazing and EVERYONE, regardless of their industry or career path should definitely check out his book, High Performance Habits). Last year, I got to experience the INCREDIBLE Tony Robbins.  I mean, need I say more? Prior to this, I had the privilege of attending his Unleash the Power Within 4-day event so I wasn’t sure how his keynote gig was going to compare, but even just being in his presence for 2 hours was life-changing.  Now this is just my company. There are SO many others out there who are inviting other powerhouses of the same high caliber to train and enlighten their associates because they know the value that these people, who are the lifeline of the company, will take away from these highly influential figures. A friend of mine who is partnered with a different network marketing company just shared with me that Rachel Hollis, the author of the MEGA popular book Girl Wash Your Face, was the keynote at her annual convention this past week. That’s pretty major if you ask me! I think of it like going to a live show or concert vs. watching it on TV. Even if it is a live stream, NOTHING is quite like the energy in that room. It isn’t even something I can even describe accurately enough to do it justice. You know that saying, “you have to see it to believe it”?  Yea, it is like that.


In addition to some of these exclusive opportunities, events also offer a truly special type of training because you are plugged into the best of the best.


Those who train at these global events are the ones who are legit GETTING.IT.DONE.


Otherwise, they wouldn’t be holding the mic.  So who better to learn from then those who are chosen to lead up on that stage? It seems like a no brainer. You also never know when the tiniest golden nugget may be dropped in a training segment, breakout info session, or even in a simple testimonial that not only resonates with you, but could literally change the entire trajectory of your business or life for that matter.  Lots of breakdowns and breakthroughs have occurred for me during these events – epiphanies if you will. Being surrounded by people who just get it during such significant moments is beyond inspiring, comforting, and will basically give you all the feels. This is an industry that relies on networking and making connections. As “they” say, “like attracts like” and “we are the sum of the people who we spend the most time with” so why wouldn’t we want to immerse ourselves in a culture of like-minded, positive, inspiring, and successful comrades?


Events also help build our belief in the company, the industry, and ourselves.  This may be the most important point I make. At times, this industry can seem very lonely which can be an obstacle to our success.  It is much easier to give up on ourselves when no one else is holding us accountable like a traditional employer. But at events you are no longer alone!


There are literally thousands of people there who are willing to pour their belief into you
if you can’t seem to muster up your own.


You may go into an event with a lack of belief but I can almost guarantee you are walking out with a renewed sense of commitment to your business and ultimately your success. Surrounding yourself with others who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what type of success they deserve, helps build that same sense of belief in you.  Sometimes it takes a few days away from it all at such an event to regroup and move forward.


And lets not forget to mention the EXTRAORDINARY people you meet along the way.   One of my now “work” besties I met on a bathroom line at a corporate event out in San Diego.  Turns out we had a lot in common, she was from the same part of Jersey I am in and now she lives here also, our kids adore each other and I cherish her friendship on so many levels.  We never would have met if it wasn’t for that bathroom line!


My point?


Events change your business. Events change your life. So get out there, recommit to your goals and dreams, network your asses off and become a better version of yourself along the way.


By Lauren Russo
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