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It Starts With You

It’s universally understood that “In order to love, one must love ourselves first.”  The same goes for personal health.  You must first take care of yourself before you can care for others.  Doing so has both you and your loved ones in your best interest.  It is a known fact that as mothers, we tend to put our priorities…

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Are you blind to opportunity?

The universal Law of Attraction says that we are magnets, attracting to us everything that resonates with what we think about, what we believe, and our intentions. How this works is really pretty easy: you decide what you want and stay in a high vibration expecting that you will get exactly what you want, knowing…

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Get Those Biz Finances Tidy

As we are Marie Kondo’ing our lives, let’s do a little tidying of our businesses. I do a Word of the Year each year. I use it as a guide for what I need to be doing, as a reminder for what I need to give my attention to, or a goal I want to…

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5 Steps to Conquer Your Confidence!

Confidence is the best accessory any woman can wear. It’s what makes people feel attracted to you, want to be around you. When you exude confidence you truly discover just how freeing it can be because if you don’t even see how great you really are then how are strangers meant too?! So what is…

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7 Steps for Selling Success

Woman vendor and customer

Whether you’re working a huge vendor fair or an intimate in-home party, these simple steps will help guide you into creating long term, profitable relationships with your clients.  They deserve your best you! 1. Prepare – Do your homework, know your product and your audience.  Be Confident & Be your brand- wearing/representing your brand- EVERYWHERE…

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Events Change Your Business and Life

  “In Network Marketing, the person who attends the most events wins.” – Eric Worre, Network Marketing Pro   I couldn’t agree more….   I myself have experienced the “magic” of events – big, small, local, and destination.  The truth is they are all equally important and valuable in their own way. That being said,…

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WHAT is Self-Care Anyway?

Well first, as women it is in our nature to be nurturers with not only our family but also with friends and even strangers. We all have a tendency to help others in need, and let’s face it… It makes us feel good when we can help someone else out. But what about taking care…

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Get Your Read On! Gretchen’s Summer Biz List

Books I love.  I have always loved reading and have always prioritized it.  Since I retired from the fashion industry and tried to find the perfect chapter 2 for myself I have been veraciously reading business books.  Also, I have been reading inspirational/self-help books to get it right. I have found in retirement and rebirth…

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IGTV is here! Be On it!

Have you heard of it? Have you seen it? It’s IGTV, Instagram’s brand new long-form video app. IGTV made it’s debut at the end of June 2018 and I hopped right on and made a “channel”. I have been working to incorporate more video into my business. It has been a huge boost to my…

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